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Neo4j SSIS Tools

Anabranch has produced a set of tools for using Neo4j with SSIS, this page describes them, but if you want to download them, please go to the store pages.

Neo4j Connector

This connects to a Neo4j server using the proprietary bolt protocol, giving fast performance for the tasks and data flow components.

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Computer Chip Circuit

Execute Cypher Task

Execute Cypher against a Neo4j instance via the connector. You can execute anything that you can call in Cypher.

Execute Cypher Destination

Used in a Data Flow, you can execute Cypher on a Destination server, using parameters from a previous Data Flow component (from any source).

Connected Golden Spheres
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Execute Cypher Source

Used in a Data Flow, you can execute Cypher to pull data from a server, using the outputs as inputs to other Data Flow components.

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